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Catalogue and Price List 
if We Supply Department 


All Orders must be accompanied by Post Office or 
Express Money Order, Check or Draft in payment 
for same. In ordering give name and number of 
each article ordered and advise whether it is to be 
shipped by Freight .or Express and by what Route 

Catalogue No. 1 :: Issued October 15, 1911 

THE SUPPLY DEPARTMENT was established to save money 
for you and every other member of the Associated Billposters 
of the United States and Canada, and also to furnish the best 
material the market affords. Everything needed for a billposting 
plant is bought through competitive bids in wholesale carload lots. 

As a result bed rock prices are obtained, with all the discounts, 
including that for cash. 

When you buy from the Supply Department of the Associated 
Billposters you are dealing with yourself at the lowest possible 
price, with all the margin of profit eliminated, and you will be getting 
your supplies at the actual cost of production. 


You get everything you need in just the quantities you require 
at the same price as though you were buying several carloads at a 

The Supply Department is centrally located in Chicago, so that 
the freight charges will be minimized. 

The marked depreciation in the quality of the steel sold for 
billboards made the establishment of the Supply Department 

You get a double guarantee with every article you buy, whether 
it is a carload of steel panels with standard imprints painted to 
suit you, capping, posts, all complete and ready to put up, or just 
a single brush. There is a guarantee of the firm from which the 
supplies are bought and the guarantee of the Association that the 
qualitites shall be the best. 

You will save from ten to twenty -five per cent on all your supplies. 

Catalogue and Price List 


You will be dealing with yourself instead of with strangers and 
you will get 


They do not always go together, but they do in this instance. 
Quality and Price are the only salesman the Supply Department has. 

You are not compelled to buy anything from the Supply 
Department. It was established for the benefit of the x\ssociation 
members. If you can buy cheaper and better at home, do so. If not, 
then buy from this Department. Always remember that everything 
supplied is the very best that can be secured. The best is the 
cheapest in the end. We are supplying the best in every line at the 
very lowest price possible. It will pay you to investigate and may 
pay you to buy all of your supplies through this Department. 

If you are interested in making the greatest saving possible on 
your supply account ; if you want to have the benefit of the best and 
most reliable service it is possible to get, order from your own Supply 
Department, and have everything shipped to you in first-class shape, 
ready for use. 



1620 Steger Building 

Chicago, 111. 

Catalogue and Price List 

Framework for Steel Sections 


Steel Sections — Fig. 1 

The frame shown above is made of 1 x 4 inch dressed white pine 
lumber, very carefully selected. 

Diagram shows strips of steel fastenings at all intersections, 
designed to hold the frame solidly and firmly together. These strips 
are all double coated with a heavy paint before being used, thereby 
making them last longer and eliminating the possibility of rusting. 

Everybody has the privilege of manufacturing his own sections 
or procuring them wherever he likes, but the cheapest and best way 
is to secure your sections from your own Supply Department, at 
the wholesale prices, as the sections will then all be uniform in size, 
well built, and all prepared ready to nail on your framework, so that 
your board, when completed, will be absolutely first-class in every 

It is not the intention of the Association to run the Supply 
Department for profit, but to assist those members who desire to 
improve their plants, by providing them with the necessary material 
at the lowest possible price. 

Catalogue and Price List 

Face of Steel Sections 


Steel Section— Fig. 2 

Above is the front view of a steel section, ready to put up. 
This section is 10 feet high by 5 feet wide, made of two sheets of 
steel 30 by 120 inches, 26 gauge and specially galvanized. 

Note how these sheets are lapped over each other, thereby 
keeping the air away from the paper. In this way you save the 
expense of frequent renewals. 

The back of each sheet of steel is carefully painted with two 
heavy coats before it is put on the frames. In this way its life is 
prolonged, and the danger of rusting partially eliminated. 

One of the first objections advanced against steel boards was 
their excessive cost, and this objection is still urged in some quarters. 
This is a mistaken idea. While the first cost is slightly more than 
for the old style wooden boards, they are much cheaper in the long 

Catalogue and Price List 

When you buy steel sections of your own Supply Department, 
you are getting a grade of steel that cannot be obtained of your local 
dealer, as we have a mill under contract. All steel we buy must come 
up to a certain standard and have a certain amount of spelter to the 
square foot. Before the sheets are put through the galvanizing vat 
they are washed with a special acid to remove all foreign substances. 

The steel we use is unannealed. Therefore, it is harder and will 
withstand more pressure and last longer than the ordinary steel 
which is annealed, as the annealing makes the steel soft, where for 
billboard construction we want a hard steel that will hold its shape. 

Rear View of Steel Sections 

j; . . 'jil- 


• Ejigjjj 

• :| 


« 1 BE 




i ; 

j : 


j! B 




1 1 
\ H 






- | 

~** -ihiin 


Steel Section — Fig. 3 

Catalogue and Price List 

The diagram on page 5 shows the rear view of a steel section. 
Note the special bracing at the corners, which insures stability. 
Also it helps to keep the section in shape. Note how the outside 
sheet extends out over the baton, so as to lap over the sect'on 
adjoining it after it has been fastened to the stringers. 

These sections are all made on a solid steel table, thereby making 
the sections true and absolutely flat, and eliminating the possibility 
of the iron being wrinkled or buckled after it is made up. By using 
this steel table, each section is exactly the same size and shape as all 
other sections, which makes them interchangeable. 

It is the steel board that makes the 12 cent rate possible. 

gi The difference between a 7 cent rate and a 12 cent rate will 

Q make up the added cost within 6 months, and will pay the entire 
cost of the boards within two years. 

When this is considered in conjunction with the satisfaction 
of having an up-to-date plant — one on which the best of service can 
be given — there can be no doubt that steel boards are cheaper 
than wood. 

This result is impossible to obtain unless the sections are made 
on a solid steel table which is perfectly made, braced and cannot 
get out of shape. 

When you get ready to build new boards, think over what we 
have said and profit thereby, as this experience has been gained 
after very careful study and consideration of all the parts that go 
in together to make good billboards. 

To get the business and increase the revenue of your plant, you 
must have a plant that will be up to standard and meet all the 
requirements of the Association. 

By getting your sections here from your own Supply Depart- 
ment you are benefiting yourself, increasing your business, and 
meeting all the requirements of the Association as far as construc- 
tion of the boards is concerned. 

Catalogue and Price List 

Interior View of Factory 


Interior View — Fig. 4 

The above cut and diagrams show the interior of the steel section 
room in the factory of the Supply Department, with men at work 
on the table building the sections. 

The steel used is twenty-six gauge, thirty inches wide by one 
hundred and twenty inches long, and receives an extra coat of 
spelter at- the mill to prolong its life and keep it from rusting. 
Strips of steel are riveted at each intersection, and the construction 
is unequaled. 

These sections are made up and crated so that they can be 
shipped securely to any part of the United States. 

Instructions how to build good boards will be sent to any plant 
owner free upon request. 

Price of steel sections each > $%.55 

In ordering supplies please bear in mind that we are required 
to ask that all orders for supplies be accompanied by remittance in 
payment for same, because we are buying in large quantities and 
paying cash so as to be able to reduce the cost to a minimum. By 
doing this we can sell so that members receive the benefit of all cash 
discounts as well as the lowest prices obtainable. 

Catalogue and Pbice List 

Elder & Jenks' Billposters 
Paste Brushes 


Fig. 5 


The brush with the reputation, used and praised by all circuses 
throughout the United States and abroad. Made of heavy Russian 
bristles, copper wired, metal protected corners, extra heavy and long. 

9-inch block, 10 knots each, $3.50 

Catalogue and Price List 

Elder & Jenks' Billposters 
Paste Brushes 


Fig. 6 


Made of selected gray Russia bristles, very heavy, copper wired, 
improved light weight block, metal protected corners, particularly 
adapted for circus and big sheet work. 

9-inch block, 10 knots , each, $3.00 

Catalogue and Price List 

Elder & Jenks* Billposters 
Paste Brushes 


Fig. 7 


A good medium brush, made of selected gray Russia bristles, 
copper wired, metal protected corners, a good paste carrier. 

9-inch block, 10 knots each, $2.50 

Catalogue and PriceJOList 

Elder & Jenks' Billposters 
Paste Brushes 


Fig. 8 


Made of selected particularly strong black China bristles, 
grading in length and weight in accordance with price. 

No. 10.5-0. 9-inch, heavy " each, $3.00 

No. 10.7-0. 9-inch, extra, extra heavy " 3.50 

Catalogue and Price List 


Elder & Jenks' Billposters 
Paste Brushes 

■y>\\>,<: 'i l-ii'l'^ilhlll'ifilW 




Fig. 9 


This brush is made for all kinds of small work, such as sniping, 
and is used for big sheet work in some plants. 

It is used exclusively in the East in the big cities where the bill- 
poster has to work from a ladder to post his paper, as a long 
handled brush would be in the way. Every billposter should have 
one of these brushes on hand. 

Snipers 9-inch brush each, 


We show you here five different styles of Billposters' Paste 
Brushes. Pick out the brush that compares favorably in price with 
the one you have been buying, order one for trial, and you will be 
convinced of the difference in value. 

Catalogue and Price List 

Blanking Paper 

Fig. 10 
The Above Cut is of a 7-inch Roll of Blanking Paper 


Fig. 11 
This Cut is of a 14-inch Roll of Blanking Paper 

It makes no difference which you buy, either the 7-inch or the 
14-inch rolls, the price is all the same so far as the size of the rolls is 

This paper has been especially made for the Supply Department 
and is the standard as adopted at the last meeting of the National 

We can furnish this paper as follows: 

White fadeless, small hand rolls, per 100 pounds. ..... $4.20 

Mandarin, as near fadeless as it is possible to buy, in small 

hand rolls, per 100 pounds 3 - 8 ° 

One of the requirements of the Association now is that all 
boards shall be blanked. Quoting from the constitution and by-laws 
of the Association, as follows: "A strip of blanking paper not less 
than 7 inches wide must separate each poster, and the bottom of 
all billboards must be trimmed with blank under all posters. Blank- 
ing paper must be used, and not old posters." 

We have a machine that was especially designed and built for 
the Department. The large rolls of paper bought direct from the 
mills, are cut and rolled by this means into the seven and fourteen 
inch lengths in small band rolls, about three inches in diameter, so 
that they are easy to handle. 

Catalogue^and Price List 

Paste Cookers 


Fig. 12 

We Carry the Ripley No. 20-A Combination 
Boiler and Heater 

Billposters cook or boil their paste and save time and expense. 
Simply fill with water until water shows about 3 inches in gauge 
glass, then light fire and steam will be up in 15 minutes. When you 
have steam up, simply turn steam into tank or barrel, and your 
paste will be cooking. You can boil from one to three barrels 
at a time, if necessary. 

The manufacturers of this cooker guarantee it to heat more 
water, generate more steam, with less fuel in less time, to last longer 
and to be safer than any other cooker on the market. Many of 
these are in use and are highly recommended in all parts of the 
United States. It only requires about 5 to 10 pounds of steam to 
cook paste or heat water with it. With the patent filling tank, water 
can be put in boiler at any time without allowing fire to go down. 
Do not compare this boiler with the flue or any other on the market, 
as it will outlast half a dozen flue cookers. 

It has no flues to rust out, fill with soot, leak, freeze and burst, 
but is always ready for use. We can prove to you that this boiler 
will save enough in time, labor and fuel to soon pay the difference 
in price between it and some cheaper make. 

Buy the best. It will mean dollars saved in the outcome. 

Catalogue and Price List 

Ripleys' No. 20 Paste Cooker 



Fig. 13 

These cookers come in two sizes, the No. 20 and the No. 20-A, 
the difference being in the construction. The No. 20 will do all the 
work the other cooker will do, but is not so well constructed. The 
No. 20- A is better connected, the boiler is 22 inches in diameter, 30 
inches long, and has extra heavy boiler heads. Fire box is 20x24 
inches, and is a double cylinder, which is at all times surrounded 
with water, and will not burn out. Has a revolving grate with slide 
to remove ashes and clinkers. Has water gauge, safety valve and 
vacuum valve. Fire box rests on and is bolted to heavy cast base, 
which is so arranged to make the fire easy to control as a heating 
stove. Boiler rests on steel frame, has large ash box and fuel door; 
will burn coke, coal, wood, etc. 

Dimensions : Height from floor to top of filler tank globe valve, 
5 feet; length 5 feet 4 inches; width lYi feet; shipping weight 400 

No. 20-A. Price, each - ■ ■ • $48.50 

No. 20. Prxe, each 40.50 

These prices are all F. O. B. Chicago. 

Catalogue and Price List 

Brush Handles 

Fig. 14 

These handles come in both curved and straight shapes; are 
made of selected seasoned ash. 

This is the very best handle that we can buy. 

8 feet long, curved, price each $0.35 

8 feet long, straight, price each .35 

Scrapers for Removing Dead Paper 
from the Boards 

Fig. 15 

The Association requirements are that all boards shall be prop- 
erly stripped of the old dead paper before new paper is posted. The 
scraper shown above is made especially for this purpose and is 
highly recommended. 

Billposters' Scrapers, each $0.45 

Billposters Polished Tacks 


F,g. 16 
Just Like Cut. Actual Size 

6-oz. in 125-lb. kegs, per 100 lbs $5.25 

25-lb. boxes, per box 1.45 

25-lb. boxes, per 100 lbs 5.65 

The Supply Department carries a specially polished tack, made 
exclusively for us, and the only tack that will not rust. This tack 
is used by all the big circuses. It is a departure from the old-fash- 
ioned tack. All these tacks are put through a special process, after 
which they are very highly polished. 

Catalogue and Price List 

Emblem Cuts 


Fig. 17 

Emblem cuts, each $0.25 

Association emblem cuts like the above, made of zinc, can be 
used in printing stationery of all kinds. Every member should have 
an emblem cut, which is one of the duly adopted badges of the 

Cold Water Paste 

We have the only real cold water paste on the market. It is 
specially prepared for the Supply Department, in a granulated 
form. All it needs is the addition of cold water to be ready for use. 

This paste is invaluable to a man that has an outside town to 
bill, as this paste can be handled in a better manner than the old 
style paste, where it is cooked. This being in a powder form, is a 
great deal easier to move from place to place. 

We can furnish this paste in any quantity desired F. O. B. 
In 50 and 100 pound bags per lb., $0.06 

The maunfacturer of this paste guarantees it to be free from 
dry chemicals that would be injurious to the paper and eyes. 

Catalogue and Price List 

Distributing Sacks 



Fig. 18 

These sacks are especially made for the Supply Department 
from a design submitted by us. They have been successfully 
tried out by a number of large firms and found to be entirely satis- 
factory. They are made of heavy canvas, in a dark brown color, 
with strong reinforced shoulder straps. The canvas is doubled at 
the ends and on the bottom. In fact, is made doubly strong wher- 
ever the strain is greatest. 

We can furnish these singly or in large quantities. 

Distributing bags, each $0.85 

This sack is just what you want if you have any distributing 
to do. The equipment of your plant will not be complete without 
one of our distributing sacks. 

Catalogue and Price List 

Robertson Magnetic Tack Hammer 

Fig. 19 

This cut shows full size of an 8-oz. hammer head, with fine steel |JJ 
forgings, warranted to be strong, permanent magnets, and superior 
tools in every respect. 

Price, each. $1.00 

Price List of the Billposters or Advertisers Hammer 




Fig. 20 

This hammer is especially adapted for tacking up cards and 
posters, and is far superior to any other tool made for this purpose. 
The hammer head and handle trimmings being nickel plated, pre- 
vents rusting and gives it a neat appearance. This hammer is 
equipped with springs on the side of the handle for holding cards, 
and a place to put the first tack. This hammer comes in a three- 
section handle, each section being 15 inches long. All handle 
sections are interchangeable. 

Magnetic tack hammers as shown above, with 8-oz. head, each, $2.15 

Catalogue and Price List 

Robertson Magnetic Tack Hammer 

Fig. 21 

For those that want a cheaper hammer, we have the plain 
handle with the medium and heavy weight head, as shown above. 

8-oz. head and 15-in. handle, each $1.15 

8-oz. head with 18-in. handle, with springs for holding card to 

set first tack, each 1.30 

Billposters Account Books 

""" — ' — ' — _____ — "— — . I — ^__^______? — 

HZ Mm 

Fig. 22 

A complete record that every billposter should have. It has 
been especially designed for the billposter in the smaller town. It 
fills a long felt want for the member who cannot afford to keep a 
complete set of books, because at a glance he can tell how his 
accounts stand. 

It is so arranged and ruled that a member can tell at a glance 
the history of an order for posting, from the time the order was 
received to the day the bill was paid. One great feature is, that the 
record is all on the same page and saves the cost of a ledger, day 
book, or complete set of books member would need if he did not use 
this system. As the cut shows, this book records the time received, 
from whom, date, amount, size of stands, net price, date posted, 
when expiring, price, discount, net amount, date bill was sent, date 
bill was paid, and a place for remarks. The handiest book of its kind 
that has ever been placed before the members of the Association. 

Price, each book of 175 pages $1.00 

Catalogue and Price List 

Loose Leaf Chart Books 

The Real System of Charting Paper 



Fig. 23 

These loose leaf chart sheets, 8j^x 14 inches, with three columns 
on each sheet like the above cut, give the exact location of each and 
every board in your plant, and at the same time tell you where the 
paper on the boards is posted. Each space shown represents a 
sheet of paper. For illustration, if an order of 4 by 4 or 16-sheets 
is charted, you would mark off four of these spaces, and then at a 
glance you w T ould be able to tell the position of the stand on the 
board. It does away with the old time methods of going out over 
the plant to find where an advertiser's paper has been posted. If 
an advertiser wants you to submit a list of locations, all you have 
to do is to refer your charts and you can tell him in a very few 
minutes where each sheet of his paper has been placed. The time 
and labor saved in using a chart system is more than enough to 
pay for the sheets used. 

Loose leaf chart sheets, per dozen $0.10 

Catalogue and Price List 

Billposters' Stationery 

Cairo Outdoor Advertising Service 

Bill Posting, Sign Tacking, Distributing 


3208 Sycamore Street 

Members ot 
Associated Bill- 
Posters of the 
United States 
and Canada 

Cairo, 111., 


Fig. 25 

You will note the spaces that are to be filled in, the name of 
firm, name of manager, also the name of the city or town and the 
street number. This letterhead was accepted by the Committee at 
the last meeting of the Association and is to be the standard in the 
future. They can be had as follows: 

lOOsheets $0.75 

300 sheets 1.25 

500 sheets 1.75 

700 sheets 1.85 

1,000 sheets 2.00 

2,000 sheets 3.90 

5,000 sheets 8.00 

10,000 sheets 14.00 

These are printed on a heavy bond paper, the best that can be 

Envelopes to match can be had in any quantities at the following 
prices : 

100 envelopes with name and address and return card . . $0.60 

300 envelopes with name and address and return card . . 1.05 

500 envelopes with name and address and return card . . 1.25 

1,000 envelopes with name and address and return card . . 1.85 

2,000 envelopes with name and address and return card . . 3.25 

5,000 envelopes with name and address and return card . . 8.50 

Catalogue and Price List 

Location List and Bill Heads Combined 

_V»soriatrb Billpoelrra of the Snitrb fctatrs anil Cana&a 

T»Ft)5iiii« inlCii>t_ 

Vrm (*• *.,/., b>M T ° <** **> "*' 







JUsoriatru Billpoatrrfl nf the ttuitru fctatra an6 (Caitaba 
List of Locations 


Fig. 26 

These location lists and billheads, 8^ inches wide by 22 inches 
long, are the standard for all members of the Association. They 
are made so that they can be used by all the members without 
any changes, and in that way all the Association members using the 
same billhead and location lists will help to make things uniform. 

These are the same as the samples which were sent out to all 
members of the Association and can be obtained of the Supply 
Department in quantities as desired. 

Note that the billhead is attached to the list and can be torn off, 
On the reverse side the requirements of the Association are given. 
In this way you are showing the advertiser what the members are 
doing for the betterment of the service, and what is required for a 
Class A plant. 

Prices of location lists and billhead combined as follows : 

100 sheets $ ^ 5 

200 sheets 1 - 50 

300 sheets 2 - 25 

400 sheets 3 - 00 

500 sheets S ' 75 

1,000 sheets 6 - 50 

Catalogue and Price List 





Fig. 27 

These are the standard of the Association as adapted at the 
last meeting. 

They are painted to order like cut shown below, a black back- 
ground, with white letters, and rounded corners. 

If you have an imprint of this kind you are meeting all the 
requirements of the Association in this respect. 

Painted imprints like cut, 10 in. by 10 ft., each 
Painted imprints like cut, 12 in. by 12 ft., each 



Fig. 28 
We carry only standard capping, the best selected white pine 
lumber that can be obtained and thoroughly seasoned, in 2 by 6 
inches by 16 feet in length. 

It is now one of the requirements of the Association that all 
billboards built in the future must be equipped with 2 by 6 capping, 
painted green. 

The only place where this can be obtained ready to put on your 
boards is from the Supply Department of the Association. All 
Class A plants are equipped with our capping. 

Capping like cut in 16-foot lengths, each $0.65 

Catalogue and Price List 


It is impossible to quote prices on typewriters here at this time, 
as there are so many different makes of machines, and hardly any 
two people favor the same machine. 

It was decided at the last annual meeting that in future all 
members of the Association who wished to be in Class A should use 
a typewriter for their correspondence. We cannot carry a line of 
machines in stock, but if you will acquaint us with your choice, we 
will get the lowest possible price and give you the benefit of all OC 
discounts that we obtain. ^^ 

Many men have made a failure because they could not write a 
legible hand. With a typewriter anyone can write so that it can be 

If you are in the market for a machine let your own Supply 
Department know about it. 

Be up-to-date in your business affairs; you can do this by 
using a typewriter for your correspondence. 

Before the next catalogue is issued, the Supply Department 
may be able to make satisfactory arrangements with some standard 
make of machine. 

So that by buying through your Supply Department you can 
save from 15 to 35 per cent on the price of a machine. 

We are always glad to answer inquiries at all times and if we 
can be of service to you at any time, and aid you in buying a machine, 
don't be afraid to let us know your needs. 

Concerning Freight Rates 

It is impossible at the present time to quote freight rates on 
steel sections as these have not been classified by the railroads, 
though a classification is promised by the first of January, 1912. 

In the meantime rates for shipments will be ascertained and 
furnished to prospective purchasers, and they will be the best and 
lowest possible. 

All goods are shipped F. 0. B. Chicago. 

Catalogue and Price List 


Nobody is compelled to use the Supply Department. 

It was devised to help those members in Class "B" or Class 
"C" who want to give better service but who either do not know 
how or have not sufficient means. By these, and all others who 
wish to take advantage of it. supplies can be purchased practically 
at cost. 

The only idea of the Association in establishing this depart- 
ment was to improve the service. The more uniform the service 
that is given to the advertiser, the greater benefit will this Associa- 
tion be to all its members. 

Through the Supply Department the co-operation that comes 
with ideal Association will be something more than an empty 
theory. It will be more than a glittering generality. It will mean 
dollars and cents to every member of the organization who buys from 
the Supply Department, and it will also mean more satisfaction to 
the advertiser. The satisfaction of the advertiser means more 
business to all members of the organization. 

It must be through general co-operation and mutual good will 
that the greatest usefulness and highest efficiency of the Association 
work will be attained. 

The Supply Department serves to emphasize the fact that in 
this Association the maxim "All for one and one for all" has become 
a living reality in the relations of members to each other, and in 
their loyalty to the common cause. 

The Supply Department is your own Department. You are 
just as much a partner in it and a director of it as if it were estab- 
lished in your own town and under your own supervision. 

The member who purchases his supplies through the Associa- 
tion headquarters benefits only himself. There will be no profits 
except the money that is saved in each transaction. 

It is worth an investigation. Compare the prices quoted in 
this catalogue with those that you have paid before. Then figure 
out the saving to yourself. 


1620 Steger Building 

Chicago, 111.